Seniors Community Housing/Health Facilities

1450 Post Street - Assisted and Independent Living

San Francisco, CA (1995)

View From Post Street

This senior living condominium development consists of one hundred sixty-two units of rental housing for elderly persons, with parking and common facilities. The building is twelve stories tall with the ground floor functioning as a podium for the stepped tower rising out of it. The ground floor contains lounge, dining, meeting and lobby space, along with administrative, kitchen and other support space. The basement contains automobile parking, accessible by ramp, from the entry court.

The typical residential units are large studios, with approximately five hundred seventy-five (large unit) and four hundred ten square feet of area, each featuring a living-dining area, sleeping alcove, bath and kitchen. Most units have open space in the form of a large balcony, supplemented by a large common landscaped terrace at the second floor and additional terrace space at the eleventh floor. The building complies throughout with California handicapped accessibility standards for apartments. At least one YSA principal participated as design architect, supervising architect and/or senior designer while associated with the architect-of-record for this project.