Affordable Family Housing

Embarcadero House

San Francisco, CA (1992)

View from Embarcadero

Embarcadero House was completed construction of their home on the waterfront in San Francisco in 1992. This 370,000 square foot complex was primarily built by Embarcadero House residents, under the supervision of a general contractor. This unique development has been called a masterpiece of social design by Pulitzer Prize-winning architectural critic Allan Temko. Covering a city block, this four-story mixed-use hybrid building contains street level retail stores, a 400-seat restaurant, a busy outdoor espresso cafe and bookstore, and several other vocational schools with 420 housing units arranged around a central courtyard.

The Embarcadero House program also supports a 150-seat screening room, 500-seat assembly hall with a unique vocational training program providing 300 former drug addicts, homeless people, and ex-felons every skill in the building trades, as well as training in purchasing, contracting, computer skills and simple bookkeeping. This project has received numerous commendations including awards from the American Architects Association, Urban Land Institute and the Gold Nugget Building Award. At least one YSA principal participated as design architect, supervising architect and/or designer while associated with the architect-of-record for this project.