Courtside Village

Santa Rosa, California (1998)


Courtside Village is 68 acres which straddle Sebastopol Road, between the Santa Rosa Corporate Center and Wright Road.


On the Southern 33 acres, 156 homes and 8 Live/Work units surround a large tennis/swimming/gym/recreation center. Further complements to the Southern core area are a neighborhood school serving Kindergarten through 6th grades, a pre-school/day care center, a church and civic center, and a deli/coffee shop.


On the Northern 35 acres, 211 single family homes surround a 20,000 square foot retail and professional office center with restaurants, shops, and a Central Park. Completing the Northern housing are apartment units for a Seniors Community. They consist of 110 flats located above the restaurants and shops of the retail center, 44 flats in 3 story buildings, and 6 Live/Work Units.


Approximately 68% of the total 535 homes are single family units on lots varying from 2700 to 6500 square feet. A pedestrian bridge connects the North and South sides of Sebastopol Road. At least one YSA principal participated as design architect, supervising architect and/or senior designer while associated with the architect-of-record for this project.