Resources/Design Philosophy


While planning, urban design and architecture remain at the core of the firm’s practice, we continually modify and add to our menu of design services to better respond to our clients’ evolving needs. Moreover, we lead our peers in development of technology and investment in systems for an efficient delivery of services.

Design Philosophy

YSA works upon the basic philosophical premise that all design solutions must be founded on programmatic purpose and characteristics inherent to each site.

Style and form are creative opportunities that combine these fundamental issues with history, image and culture. Whether preparing master plans, designing new buildings, interiors or renovations, each solution is developed to create value throughout the life of the project. This is achieved by understanding our clients’ values, operation, business plan, facilities management issues and environmental requirements.

Above all, YSA recognizes that clients view their projects as important assets. We understand the significance of an investment in design, and do all we can to enhance the value of all our clients’ projects.