YSA Process


We are team players and believe that a truly successful project results only from intense interaction and the challenge of ideas. Our projects represent the input and knowledge of the client, architectural team, consultant team, brokers and regulatory agencies. 

Cost Control.

We fully understand the importance of meeting a budget and work aggressively toward achieving this objective from the inception of the project through to its completion. In-place cost control systems allow us to see “warning lights” early in the design process. 

Time Management.

 We are extremely conscious of the importance of adhering to construction schedules and creating designs that are easily built with the materials and trades locally available. As the project progresses through the design stages and into the construction document phase, design and construction schedules are developed in increasing levels of detail. 


Quality begins with an evaluation of the original concept as measured against clients’ needs and expectations. Ideally, we will exceed our clients’ programmatic needs, surpass their schedule and budget expectations, and identify and deliver the intangible aesthetic qualities that they desire in their projects.

The goal of our quality management is to increase the value of our service to our clients.